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This Client Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by and between Dragan Bozorovic LLC (“DB”) and:
(the “Client”) pursuant to the following terms and the General Terms & Conditions. The Client and DB hereby agree to the following:


This Client and DB agree:

  1. All Real Estate Video Services must be paid for at the time of the filming and/or photographing unless prior arrangements have been made.

  2. You agree to ensure the property is open house ready prior to the arrival of our crew. DB is not allowed to move any furniture or personal items in the property. DB is scheduled for a certain amount of time at the property to provide  service and cannot wait for the property to be cleaned and de-cluttered. DB videos are filmed as a walk-through and for this reason items cannot be moved room to room during filming.

  3. Client agree to supply DB with correct and full contact information exactly the way it needs to be branded in the video and property site and also all information that pertains to the listing that is needed on DB's end to complete the tour.

  4. Client agree to write and supply DB with the script and/or description of the property, so DB can include in the final video.

  5. Client understand that unless DB makes a mistake, any changes requested in the video after editing is complete due to Realtor or homeowner mistake or opinion will require a re-edit fee.

  6. Prices are for one trip to the property. Unless DB makes a mistake, additional trips for any reason including seasonal changes, home not being ready, etc, will result in additional fees.

  7. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  8. If legal action is necessary to collect on balances due, you agree to reimburse DB for all expenses incurred to recover the balances as well as attorney’s fees and any other legal expenses.

  9. In areas that parking fees are necessary, those fees will be added on to the total price.

  10. Appointments cancelled or postponed less than 24 hours of the scheduled time, will result in a cancellation fee.

  11. Client understand and have instructed the property owner that DB videos and photos of the listing will be broadcast on the internet as part of Client's marketing package and will be public. Sites include but are not limited to,, YouTube, Vimeo,, Zillow, Instagram, TikTok and other third party sites resulting from syndication. If video is requested to be removed, Client understand that DB will be able to remove it from our YouTube channel, Vimeo, IG and DB website, but cannot guarantee the removal from any sites or persons that may have downloaded or copied the videos/photos.

  12. Client understand that Photos and Videos photographed and filmed by DB belong to Dragan Bozorovic, LLC and are licensed to the purchaser for use in marketing the listing and themselves. Any editing or modification to DB tours or use by another company or Realtor is strictly prohibited. Photos and Videos from other companies or persons are not allowed to be used on

  13. DB is not responsible for any third party sites that showcase DB videos or internet website outage and will not be held liable for any damages that may arise from the use of DB services, website or any website that is out of DB's control.

  1. DB will use its best efforts to create high quality video and photographic images of the premises designated by the Client (“Premises”) to produce a satisfying video and photographic product (with audio or other media) of the Premises, custom made to the specifications of the Client (the “Finished Product”).

  2. DB shall furnish the Client with a digital copy of the branded version of the Finished Product, with a limited license to use the branded version of the Finished Product for purposes of marketing the Premises and/or the Client’s business by any means, for as long as the Client desires. All branded delivered products consist of the client’s logo and the DB logo. DB shall also furnish the Client an unbranded version of the Finished Product with a limited license to use the unbranded version of the Finished Product in a private link for viewing and MLS purposes.

  3. All final delivered products can only be altered by DB.

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