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Choosing the right real estate agent is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make when selling your home. Dragan Luxury with HomeSmart Encore has been delivering years of record breaking results while consistently raising the bar in the industry. Our combined experience provides a level of representation and negotiation skill set that matches the marketing we have become so known for. Our main goal is to help clients buy or sell their property in the best possible way. We do this by providing them with professional advice, guidance and support throughout the process.

Marketing and promoting a property is crucial in the real estate industry, and having high-quality visual content is a key component of. As a professional videographer and photographer for over 20 years, Dragan can capture the unique features and beauty of a property, making it more appealing to potential buyers, domestic and international. By showcasing a property in the best possible light, Dragan's work can help attract more interest and ultimately lead to a successful sale of your property.

Exposure of properties on social media is crucial for reaching a wider audience and increasing visibility. By utilizing various social media platforms, we can showcase properties to potential buyers, and create a strong online presence for your property. Let us help you create a social media strategy that will effectively promote your properties and boost your online presence.

We know what it takes to make your property stand out from the crowd and appeal to the most discerning buyers. We use the latest equipment and technology, such as drones, 3D cameras, 4K resolution, HDR, etc., to capture every detail and feature of your property. We also use our artistic and creative skills to edit and enhance your images and videos, making them look professional and polished.

This are just a fraction of marketing services we will implement to promote your property in the best possible way for a maximum exposure throughout all the media:
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At Dragan Luxury, we believe that great photography should help sell your home before a buyer ever visits in person. Hence, we create show-stopping photos and stress every single detail. If applicable, we will take amenity photos, like parks, playgrounds, pools, clubhouse, etc. Unlimited still photos of your property to showcase your property in the best possible way.


Dragan is not just your ordinary Real Estate Agent. With his additional skills as a photographer and videographer, he brings a unique and valuable perspective to the real estate industry. Combining his expertise in real estate with his ability to capture stunning images and videos allows him to provide clients with a comprehensive and visually engaging experience. Enter an all new experience in showing the property.

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From a Different Point of View

Show home buyers a whole new perspective with stunning aerial photography and video. We will provide you with beautifully stills and video from a birds eye perspective. Drones allow us to not only see the home from new angles but to see the home's breathtaking surroundings. They can make a huge difference in how potential buyers perceive and value a property.

Drone footage, drone video, twilight photos, and exposure on social media are all great ways to attract potential buyers and make your listings stand out.



Twilight photos are an essential part of real estate photography. They capture the beauty of a property during the magical hour when the sun is setting and the sky is painted warm colors.


Twilight photos can make a property stand out from the rest and create a lasting impression on potential buyers. They showcase the property's exterior lighting and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


In short, twilight photos can help sell a property faster and for a higher price.



Implementing 3D tours in selling a house is crucial in today's real estate market. It allows potential buyers to virtually walk through the property, giving them a realistic sense of the space and layout.


This can save time and money for both the buyer and seller, as it eliminates the need for in-person visits for properties that may not be a good fit. Additionally, 3D tours can increase the visibility of a property and attract more potential buyers.


A property website is essential for any seller looking to showcase their property in the best possible light. It provides a platform to display high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and virtual tours, making it easier for potential buyers to get a feel for the property before they even step inside. Additionally, a property website can help sellers reach a wider audience and increase their chances of finding the right buyer.




Having an experienced and well-connected real estate agent isn’t just helpful, it’s essential. Insights on demands and trends, access to an exclusive network of top agents, and innovative tools to give clients every advantage brings the freedom and empowerment to sell well.

Behind the purchase or sale of every home is a real story of dreams and hopes of our clients that we care about. We would be so honored to be part of your story. We would love to meet with you in person to discuss the process and customize a marketing plan for you to ensure you achieve your real estate goals.

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